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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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days where there are usually 16 inches in an average typical year. >> the scale of the disaster defined description. >> there is no way out because both roads collapsed. >> so many rivers overrun, so many cities flooded. >> we know we lost lives. this has been a devastating storm. >> perhaps that is why the floods of september 2013 don't have a name. >> this is our life and it is all >> these are deathly situations. >> like a tsunami. >> this is devastating to see it continue to fill up. >> this is very large and scary scale. the recovery and the work that will go into getting over this and back to normal. >> 3 years since. >> got done early and the work started early. >> since the water came and left. >> this used to be all flat and green. >> the news crews came and left.
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are still waiting to come home. >> the attention came and left. >> we are still working hard and we want other people to be a part of that. >> here is the part of the story we have largely missed in 2016, this summer has been the busiest period for permanently rebuilding roads and bridges since the floods of 2013. the single largest reconstruction project is just getting start the permanent reconstruction of highway 36 from lieens to estes park was-- lyons to estes park is under way. we are finishing the summer of construction, the busiest time since the floods. highways, roads, bridges, river banks and multifamily housing units put in place. federal grant money didn't start
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another $40 million by years end. while we talk numbers, we have to remember all of the lives impacted and we pause to remember the 10 lives lost in the floods 3 years ago this week. >> friday is going to be an emotional day at legacy high school, the varsity football team will play, less than a week after a bus crash killed the driver and football players are checked out by the athletic trainer to make sure it is safe for them to play football. 3 coaches are still in the hospital. the defensive coordinator will coach time being. the game is 7:00 p.m., they canceled the jv game. right at the bend in the highway in bailey in the bottom of a hill sits a winery, sat a winery, out of control semi slammed into it overnight and
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built by a husband and wife. >> what we are going to do, lost the first property due to a barn fire in conifer, had to move, came down here and now this. a few years later. try to make a living with a dream of a business that really is fantastic but can also end like this. get knocked down and we get back up again. doesn't matter, we get knocked down, so fast we get back up and that is >> the semi driver was taken to the hospital and police are still not sure why that driver veered off the road. there are 25,000 bottles of wine inside the winery, they have no idea are still in tact. all right, time for our daily check on the train to the plane, rtd a-line working? sort of. power failure, the train got struck. the trainerize back on
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schedule now. planes, trains, automobiles, speaking of... it is a sign. >> i think people, just instinctively believe a sign. >> even if the sign is a lie. >> we see the signs every day. >> signs on trucks carrying who knows what to who knows where, warnings, stay back, not responsible for broken windshields. >> doesn't work that way. >> believe mike, he is an attorney. >> i am responsible if i punch you in the face, i can't weaa sign that says i am or something, you are responsible. >> we heard the same from the colorado state patrol, which relies on drivers to call and report trucks with unsecured loads. the ticket is a slap on the wrist, unless hurt it is a misdemeanor. >> you can't put a sign on your truck and say we are not responsible for hurting you. >> it is tough to prove where a flying rock came from. they are all over the road. so while the sign might not be accurate, it seems like a good
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>> now you know. republican senate candidate, darryl glenn, joined us on next yesterday. you canee the full interview on our facebook page, and michael bennett will be joining us soon. we are hosting a debate for both of them october 11, 7:00 p.m. on channel 20 and a 1-hour debate, moderated by politics guy, brandon rittiman and yours truly. should be good. get your popcorn. the big money opponents of colorado care are running ads universal health care plan is a dumb idea. brandon rittiman dropped some truth on the ads. >> the ad comes from a group called coloradans for coloradans, that is the actual name of the no-campaign, funding from health insurance and health care companies who oppose the new system. we can say they are calling colorado care dumb because they compare it, well, to this.
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take amendment 69, for example, it would raise our taxes by $25 billion a year. >> that is true, but it also needs some context. the dollar amount of the tax increase is correct. but the ad doesn't tell you you are paying the tax instead of whatever you pay today for health insurance. for some workers, the tax would actually be cheaper than the insurance premiums they pay. you can read details on how much on >> double the size of state government. >> that is true because health care is expensive. adding health coverage to state government does cost about the same as everything else the state government does already. >> and give colorado the highest income taxes in the country. >> that depends. for instance, non-wage money earned off investments, being self employed or retirement income above $20,000 would we
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california's top tax bracket of 14.3% leads the nation today. but workers earning paychecks, they pay 7.93% tax. that isn't near the highest in the nation. their employers would pitch in 6.7%, which they would are to factor to pay roll. >> all to replace doctor decisions with a state program run by politicians. >> that isarve over statement. amendment 69 isn't designed to replace your doctor's decision, it is meant health insurance. doctors would need to work with colorado care to get paid. the program would have an elected board and their policies could definitely influence decisions your doctors make. that is happening with your insurance already. they set the pay for things like drugs and tests you might need. bottom line, this ad doesn't abuse the facts but it does over simplify things about amendment 69 to focus it in the most negative way. i am brandon rittiman.
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details, all the research is posted on people who know politics or folks remember mayor denver webb, campaigning for clinton, webb is sidelined by medical issues, his wife sent out a note saying her husband has an intestinal issue and he will be out of the public eye, like hillary, he will be back as soon as he nustal juis everywhere, an old video is making rounds, special tribute to aurora in 90s fashion, the song will probably give a lot of people some pride. ? ? >> you don't get much more 90s than this. ? ? aurora ? ? >> are you as pumped about
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aurora's cable channel during election coverage. prepare to have your mind blown. ? ? new jersey-- >> did she just say "new jersey"? yep, she did. >> they are alike, no difference accept the words. -- except the words. >> he would know, he wrote the song, home town cable station. >> they called me and said can we talk? it was decided they could make aurora fit for new jersey. >> positively aurora was born, part of the era when hometown pride songs were huge. >> you can take these to the absolute cheese, totally hokey or take it to be something harm warming and something to be proud of. >> gillmer still writes them.
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long stretches where no one would think of doing a thing like that. just, you know, i didn't think they would come back. and here in the last few years, we have done quite a few. >> cheesy or heart warming, jerome gilmer hopes they accomplish the mission. >> you are trying to make happen is make people feel better about who they are and where they are. >> fun, huh? >> yeah. >> good luck getting your head. it reminds us of one of our favorite stories, positively aurora is straight out of the episode of this american life from 2014, the radio show. it also looks at the cheesy city theme songs of your-- you have to listen to this episode, if only to hear the sadness of a canadian guy who loved the song "hello calgary," as he
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phoenix," and so on. you can listen on the facebook page. it finally feels like fall if you are freezing your apps off and can't find the forecast on your phone, it is right here, next. a student earning medals for brewing beer before his diploma. they taught us love. chris vanderveen's words, teach
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hello, i am meteorologist kathy sabine, we are rapping up our coolest day of the week, sure a pretty day in the higher terrain areas where we had a little bit of rainbow activity, cloud cover, and rain. down in the lower elevations it was all fog today and just kind of a chilly, damp afternoon with temperatures well below the average of 80. 68 degrees today tomorrow, but the showers coming in from the southwest mean some of you may still see heavy rain yet tonight. there are no watches or warnings to tell you but plenty of moisture coming in with a cool unsettled weather pattern that promises to last one more day. the low over the great basin is finally ron the move tomorrow and that means after the showers, we expect tomorrow, we should see the sun come out and temperatures warm. around the area tonight, grab a light jacket and umbrella if you are headed out. 46 degrees overnight with some
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the morning drive. sunshine will get us to 76 tomorrow but showers are back in the forecast in the afternoon. temperatures continue below the average of 80 into the weekend but will come close to 80 sunday afternoon. and the leaveerize changing in the colorado high country, time to plan the fall foliage outing. trying to figure when and where? everything you need to go is on maybe our chris vanderveen should have expected it when he posted on facebook this week about the loss of his dog of 13 overwhelming and wonderful. people sharing photos and stories of dogs who changed their lives. tonight, chris offers up these thoughts on why it might have resonated with so many of you. >> they are our wholesome devil, dev yant angels, contradictions wrapped in fur. ralfy was mine, but anyone who knew us knew i never owned
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lila, if he was jealous, he didn't show it, he braved the wrath of a child with the demeanor of a big brother and the patience of a saint. hi, ralfy. he was my barometer, always reminding me calmer air was on the way. sunday, 13 years into a life that would never enough, ralfy passed. i miss him. just as i know you miss jesse and guiness, buddy and max, baxter and bodey. i am coming to get you, ralfy. >> there he is, there is ralfy. >> your words have told me not to feel foolish for feeling so sad over the loss of a pet. because as you said, they
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cared for us with neither question nor doubt. to the uninitiated it might seem silly, but we know better because we knew them and all of their contradictions, their faults, and they triums, some more sinner than saint. didn't matter. shortly after ralfy passed, i told lila ralfy say for sure exists, but if god is as soon as i believe god to be, i have a feeling he is not keeping our wild contradictions out, not when they taught us far
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what is called the mcnickels building in denver has seen highs and lows, shiny and new, abused and ignored, this week it reopens as a hub for arts and culture in the center of the city, civic center park. mike grady gives us a look in 60 seconds. >> the building was dedicated in
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library in denver. in 2012, it became a hub for contemporary events, arts, culture. the renovation addresses the needs of the way we are using the space. the key feature is the way we are useing the court yard, like arms embracing visitors, it creates a welcoming space, a welcoming experience, even before you enter the building. we areooking at the service elevator. we want our vs great experience whether you are attending an event or actually having your event. the belvedere is a nod to the path. when you look out into the court yard, you just cannot but thing of the mayor addressing the city. mcnichols building has become the gathering space for culture, civic activities, and community gathers. >> looks great. grand reopening ceremony is open
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thank goodness they never tore it down for condos or such garbage. we will be tipping back james mcdonald beers and i hope you remember we first met him on next, a senior at csu and won 2 bronze medals at the u.s. beer open championships in the first collegiate competition. one for ipa, jack's frontyard ipa with spruce tips from a colorado spruce, owned by a csu professor, second medal winne pro. you can count on it. >> brewing is one career i found that really encompasses everything, chemistry and biology and civics, engineering, just a bunch of different trades are used in brewing. it has been a lot of fun to kind of learn all aspects of the business. >> mcdonald plans to graduate in may and will have a bachelor of science, fermentation science, he will look at jobs and breweries and hopes to open his
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decade. cheers to your success.
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one story blew up the eynext today. you want to guess which one? brian writes "next went to the dogs, in the most beautiful way. thank you. >> karen cutler to chris vanderveen, so very sorry for your loss, i know how hard it
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thanks next." sawyer, any misspellings are because my eyes are sweating. wasn't expecting to tear up watching the news today." this isn't the news, this is
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? panic at "dancing with the stars." the terrifying moment you didn't see at home. >> i was in shock. >> ryan lochte right after the on stage ambush. how derek hough prevented a full-blown crisis on live tv. >> you don't do that here. >> the changes the show is >> hi. >> amy schumer's vacation mishap. why she ended up in the hospital. shocking revelations from a "glee" star, sex on the set, a secret abortion and feuding co-stars. >> you felt like she was
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>> naya rivera tells all. we are behind the scenes of michael weatherly's wild new show where anything can happen. >> we've been waiting for you. ? ? >> now for september 13, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". "dancing with the stars" has never kicked off like this before. protesters invade the ballroom during the live show. >> forget monday night football, the best tackle of the night was on "dancing with the stars". >> target, disgraced olympic swimmer ryan >> our michelle turner was in the middle of all the madness. >> excuse me! excuse me! >> how are you feeling? what were you thinking when you saw that happen? >> honestly, it felt like someone reached inside, took my heart out and just tore it to shreds. >>. >> take a deep breath. >> i was really hurt when i saw that, and i was in shock. >> excuse me! >> this morning abc released dramatic new video of protesters disrupting last night's show.


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